Car lift

RS-35W In floor scissor used wheel alignment lift

1. With Sliding tables at both side , help to do wheel alignment .
2. Pneumatic safety lock .
3. Inground design , help to save space .
4. Reasonable design for smooth lifting .
5. Easy to handle cylinder synchronization , and lock for each other .
6. Safety lifting because of the electrical emergency stop .
7. Fall down buzzer to guarantee human safety .
8. Minure adjustment to limit maximum lift height .

RS-30M Mid rise mobile scissor lift

1. 3000kg lifting capacity.
2. Minimal overall dimensions
3. Mechanical connection for warranty of platform balance
4. Mechanical standing safeties
5. Warranty of parallelism
6. Electro-hydraulic rapid working
7. (24volts)low tension control
8. Build in motor overload protection device.
9. Manual emergency lowering pump for the release of the safeties(optional)
10. Wheels and tie rod for easy movements. (optional)
11. Universal adapters and transversal bar for the lifting of the vans with holding classis(optional)
12. Portable with drive-on ramps for the ultra low vehicles (optional)

RS-435 Wheel alignment used 4 post car lift for sale

1. Reasonable design, inside oil and air tube, attractive appearance
2. Lowest height:175mm
3. Adopt best quality raw steel material to keep long time service
4. Safety lock and anti-broken cable lock to keep safe operation
5. Adopt US powder coating, elegant appearance, and color can be chosen
6. Pneumatic unlock design, convenient and safe operation
7. Pneumatic and handle central jack as optional as customer choosing
8. Can assist to aligner
9. Quality hydraulic and electrical components, no oil relief, no noise and long time service
10. CE certificate

RS-245E Electric release two post garage car lift

1. Multi-lateral shape column to guarantee the safety and stability
2. Dual-hydraulic directive drive design,lifting capacity 4.55ton
3. Electronmagnetic control , easy and safe operation
4. Dual balancing cable remote control for precise carriage movement
5. Mechanical safeties in each post to ensure the safe work
6. 24V low tension control and limit switch for safe operation
7. Quality hydraulic and electrical components,no oil relief,no noise and long time service
8. Curtain on post for stopping sundries
9. Hydraulic cylinder protector cover and anti-explosion valve equipped
10. Adopt US power coating,elegant appearance,and color can be choosen
11. Overhead shut off system protect car from being raised too much
12. Two stage column as optional for easy transporting
13. Manual emergency lowering pump is optional
14. CE certificate

RS-240BE Automatic used two post car lift for sale

1. Mechanical safeties in each post with automatic engagement and electromagnet operated release.
2. Automatic arm locking-(24volt) low-tension control.
3. Build-in motor overload protecting device.
4. Automatic stop at maximum lifting height.
5. Synchronization of hydraulic cylinders independent from load distribution with cable leveling system.
6. Swing arm support with high quality wear-resistant rubber pads.
7. Hydraulic cylinder protector cover equipment
8. Manual emergency lowering pump for the release of the safeties (optional).
9. Overhead shut off system protects vehicles from being raised too high.
10. Inner motor design
11. Dynamic test: 115% of the rated capacity
12. Static test: 150% of the rated capacity
13. Aluminum motor prevent overheating caused by long time working
14. Floor plate style,more suitable for low ceiling workshop

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