Full automatic AC recovery machine to Malta

full automatic AC recovery machine

It is AUTOMATIC AC RECOVERY MACHINE we sent to Malta on this March .

Product details as below ,

Recover rate


Coolant tank


Charge rate


Charge volume


Charge accuracy




Pump rate




1) R134a dedicated refrigerant recovery equipment.

2) Automatic/manual alternative Chinese / English operating system.

3) Diagnostic, leakage detect, recover, clean an recharge.

4) Accurately weigh refrigerant with electronic weigh scale.

5) Purge filter enhance the effect of recycled refrigerant.

6) Dispose the residual coolant according SAE regulation.

7) Inflate the N2 , increase pressure, vacuum, leak detect.


More details , please contact us at sales@bestrising.com .

Thank you .


Rising Sun Tools Co., Ltd

Apri 11,2016

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